Farming is more than just your business – it’s part of your way of life and your livelihood. Is your farm or ranch family-run, does it include your place of residence, and it is your main source of income? To keep your business running, you need to ensure that your assets are protected. At Williams & Case, we understand the complex, intertwined aspects that are both personal and commercial for many farmers and ranchers. We tailor farming insurance packages to your needs, no matter how large or small. 


Farm & Agriculture

At Williams & Case, we are proud to work with many local farmers. If you grow agriculture, we will help ensure that you’re covered across all aspects of your business. The farm programs from Ohio Mutual and Westfield Insurance give us flexibility to tailor your policy to your specific needs. 

Some farm owner insurance features include:

    • Replacement cost on contents, dwelling, and outbuildings
    • Liability protection for accidental pollution
    • Outbuilding coverage
    • Replacement cost on confinement structures
    • Floriculture protection
    • Auto equipment coverage
    • … and more

Ranch & Livestock

If you take care of animals and livestock, Hartford’s Livestock Insurance can help ensure that they are covered under your insurance plan, as well. They can offer protection for your cattle, horses, and even high-value animals like service dogs or breeding cattle. 

In addition to the above, Williams & Case can provide you with a wide range of protections, including:

    • Milk contamination
    • Equine risk, including boarding and training
    • Food manufacturing
    • Livestock transit coverage
    • Animal mortality coverage
    • Feedlot, pasture, and dairy cattle coverage
    • Poultry and swine coverage
    • Contaminated feed coverage
    • …and more.

Why Do I Need Insurance for my Farm & Ranch?

Farming can be a complex, yet hazardous way of life. If you’re not covered, you will be individually liable for anything that could potentially go wrong. Our combination of farm, business, and personal insurance coverage policies are flexible and will have you protected for as long as you need. We want to help you safeguard your business and livelihood – to keep a successful business like yours running, you need to protect your crops, livestock, and equipment with farm and ranch insurance. Not only will you be protecting your business, but you’ll be protecting your family and way of life.

No matter the size of your farm, we have farm and ranch insurance options that will work for you.

Williams & Case Insurance

Williams & Case is proud to work with American farmers and ranchers. Whether you have a large-scale operation or a small hobby farm, we can work with you to help ensure that you are protected. We know that not all farms and ranches are alike – contact us today and we can help you determine what specific coverage you need.