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We can quote most dwellings from starter homes to high-end estates, second homes, condos, duplexes, and mobile and modular homes.

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In most cases, we must write your home to what is known as 100% Replacement Cost. This means, in the event of a total loss, that the limit of insurance on your house is enough to completely replace your home to a similar size and shape with similar building materials. Make sure that you don’t confuse replacement cost with your home’s market value, as they may be completely different. We run a basic replacement cost estimator that takes into consideration the age, size, and construction features or your house to determine its replacement cost.

There are many options available to be added to your home policy, including backup of water/sewer/drains, earthquake, and identity theft expense reimbursement.

We can add extra coverage on unattached structures such as a detached garage or pool. Also, if you have items of special importance such as jewelry, collectibles, antiques, or electronics, we can schedule those on the policy.

If you are building a new home, we can take care of the endorsements for theft of building materials and builder’s risk requirements.

Flood coverage is only available on a separate policy, which is underwritten through FEMA. You do not have to live near a lake or river to experience flood damage. In most cases, we can quote a preferred flood policy without any inspection.

We also have access to the Ohio FAIR Plan, in case your home is not eligible for a standard policy due to claims or other underwriting criteria.


If you rent your home or apartment, you cannot afford to go without one.

While your landlord most likely has insurance to cover the building itself, there is probably not coverage for your personal belongings or liability. Most tenant policies are very low cost and qualify you for an auto/home discount when packaged with auto insurance coverage.


If you own a small number of well-kept rental units, we can write them on what’s known as a “Dwelling Fire” policy. If you need to insure a large number of rentals or complexes, in some cases a commercial package policy is more cost-effective.

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This is written to provide coverage on the structure itself, and liability can be extended from your homeowner’s policy for very little cost.

In most cases, we must also write your personal, home and auto in order to be eligible for this policy.

We also recommend that landlords require their renters to obtain Tenants Insurance.


Whatever type of vehicle you drive, no matter if you have a clean driving record or not, we can fit a personal auto policy around you, make sense of all the different types of coverage included, and work a payment plan to fit your budget.

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The minimum liability limits that you must carry in order to be legally insured in Ohio are $12,500/$25,000/$7,500. Simply put, this is the most the policy would pay out in an accident for bodily injury and property damage. We do not feel these limits are sufficient for anyone driving in today’s legal climate, so we have taken the stance to not write auto policies with minimum limits. Surprising enough it is usually very little cost to raise the limits of liability. 

When someone mentions “full coverage” they are referring to insuring damage to their own vehicle, comprehensive and collision. We have many deductible options that can even be different for each car on the policy. 

We also have many options available such as rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance. 

If you are shopping for a new car, make sure to check with us first about gap coverage, which is in most cases either less expensive than the dealer or already included on your policy at no additional cost. Also make sure to ask about replacement cost for your new vehicle. 

We also have special antique, collector, and race car policies that are, in part, rated on annual mileage, so they are exceptionally low cost. If you need help with appraising your special vehicle, we can help with that too.


Bridging the gap between personal and commercial policies, a farm package can be tailored to your needs.

We are proud to insure our many local farmers. Some are fully-functioning large-scale farms with many employees. Others have horse boarding operations or just a few acres for their hobby farm. Westfield’s farm program gives us the flexibility to write a policy to cover all of the specialty outbuildings, liability exposures, and equipment that make your farm run.


It’s true with most insurance companies, when you decide to write your auto and home (or tenant) policies with the same company, you can save a lot of money. That is just the beginning of the discounts that we can offer you.

On most policies, we automatically apply discounts (based on eligibility) for the following: good student grades, good driving record, multiple policies, longevity with the same company, multiple vehicles, early quote, previous insurance with no lapse, monitored alarm system, airbags, anti-theft system, good claim record, and the list goes on!


With so many different types of “toys” out there, we can make sure that insurance is the last thing you have to worry about when spending your free time.

We can write stand-alone policies or sometimes they can be included on your home or auto policy. This includes motorcycles (sport, custom, or cruising bikes and trikes), ATVs (sport, utility, and UTVs), travel trailers and fifth wheels, and motorhomes.



The umbrella policy is used to extend your limits of personal liability to $1 million or even more for much-needed protection in large losses and lawsuits.

It is often recommended in our industry that you “buy as much insurance as you can afford”. With umbrella prices starting at $150 for an extra $1million in liability coverage, can you afford not to?


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