We can quote most dwellings from starter homes to high-end estates, second homes, condos, duplexes, and mobile and modular homes.

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    In most cases, we must write your home to what is known as 100% Replacement Cost. This means, in the event of a total loss, that the limit of insurance on your house is enough to completely replace your home to a similar size and shape with similar building materials. Make sure that you don't confuse replacement cost with your home's market value, as they may be completely different. We run a basic replacement cost estimator that takes into consideration the age, size, and construction features or your house to determine its replacement cost.

    There are many options available to be added to your home policy, including backup of water/sewer/drains, earthquake, and identity theft expense reimbursement.

    We can add extra coverage on unattached structures such as a detached garage or pool. Also, if you have items of special importance such as jewelry, collectibles, antiques, or electronics, we can schedule those on the policy.

    If you are building a new home, we can take care of the endorsements for theft of building materials and builder's risk requirements.

    Flood coverage is only available on a separate policy, which is underwritten through FEMA. You do not have to live near a lake or river to experience flood damage. In most cases, we can quote a preferred flood policy without any inspection.

    We also have access to the Ohio FAIR Plan, in case your home is not eligible for a standard policy due to claims or other underwriting criteria.