Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Insurance

What types of reports will you run when you quote?

For personal auto, we are required by our companies to run an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report, AKA your driving record), a CLUE Report (a central database that keeps track of past insurance claims, an Insurance Score (see below), and in some cases a Previous Carrier Report. For home, we are required to run a CLUE report and an Insurance Score, and in some cases a Previous Carrier Report.

What is the deal with Insurance Scoring?

In essence, an Insurance Score is a new and fairly accurate way to gauge risk. Although largely based on personal credit, it does not put a "hit" on your credit report like applying for new credit would. Virtually every insurance company has their own model on how to price insurance policies using an insurance score. All we receive is a number or tier, and have no access to any credit records. Those with good insurance scores are rewarded with discounts on their policy. For more information, we invite you to contact us.

I have a few incidents on my drivers license, can you still quote me?

Yes! Each insurance company has different requirements, but in most cases we are able to fit every driving record to a policy.

I have a few claims, can you still quote me?

Yes! Again, each insurance company has different requirements, but in most cases we can fit every accident and/or home claim to a policy.

How long will I have to wait for my quote?

In most cases we can quote your home and auto in less than a day. However, there may be special circumstances that will take a bit more time. We do our best to make sure you get a fast quote, and more importantly an accurate quote.

Why should I quote with Williams & Case?

We take pride in serving our community - we've been here over 60 years and plan on staying here. We write for many companies, not just one, so you know you are getting the best price we have to offer. We do everything possible to make our policyholders happy, just ask someone you know who has us as their agent!

Commercial Insurance

I use my personal car in the course of business. Am I covered?

As a rule, we prefer to cover your auto used for business on your commercial policy. In most cases, it is less expensive and covers you for both personal and commercial use. There are other ways to cover your vehicle for business exposure, just ask us. Also, be sure to notify us if you do not carry your own personal auto policy, as some coverage does not transfer when you only have a commercial auto policy.

Someone is requesting a certificate, can I get one?

We process certificates right away so you aren't held up on a job. Just get us their name, address, and easiest way to get it there, such as fax, mail, or email.

They also want to be listed as "Additional Insured". Can you do that too?

In most cases there is a small added charge for this, and is very common. There are many reasons that an entity may want this, such as automatic notification should your policy cancel.

Do I still need Worker's Comp? Where do I get that?

Ohio is known as a captive state when it comes to worker's comp. Call them at 1-800-OHIO-BWC for information. This protects you and your employees should an injury at work occur.


How can I make changes to my policy?

Go to our Contact Us page or click on Live Chat during normal business hours. Please note, no coverage is bound or confirmed unless you hear from us. In other words, emailing us a request to change your policy will not automatically change your policy until we give you confirmation.

I'm buying a new car this weekend, do I have coverage to drive it off the lot?

You have 15 days of automatic coverage, up to the limits you currently have on your in-force auto policy. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible to give us the new car's info. Also, if your dealer has volunteered to contact us with that info, make sure to follow up with us to make sure they indeed did.

Should I buy the insurance when I rent a car?

We as a rule suggest that you buy the rental car company's physical damage insurance. While your personal auto policy generally covers the car you rent, there may be hidden costs such as "loss of use" and "replacement cost" that may or may not be automatically included should a loss occur. Also as a matter of convenience, should the rented vehicle be unable to be driven after an accident, the rental car company should provide you with a new one, as the damaged one is now their problem and not yours.

Am I covered to drive another's car? Is someone else covered to drive my car?

Always double check both the car and the driver, and you will be safe no matter who is driving or who owns the vehicle. Make certain that the driver is covered on a policy and that the vehicle itself is covered on a policy. In the event of an accident, notify both companies.

Is my personal information safe?

We treat your personal information with the highest regard, and obviously do not sell or give that information to any other party. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

I lost my bill and don't know how much is due, can you tell me?

Please visit our Billing Page, Contact Us, or use our Live Chat feature during regular business hours.

Can I pay my bill at your office?

You can always stop in when we're open to pay your bill. If paying by check, please make the payment to Williams & Case, as we apply the amount paid instantly. Payment by credit card is only accepted through select insurance companies, and must be conveyed to them directly- please see our Billing Page.

I lost my ID card for my car insurance, can you get me a new one?

Sure, just let us know how to get the new one to you, either by fax, email, regular mail, or stop by our office.

I need something notarized. Can you do that for me?

We provide free notary services to all of our policyholders.