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We often refer to business and commercial insurance policies as a package, made up of different sections. Featuring policies written by Westfield Insurance Companies (Westfield Center, Ohio), Ohio Mutual Insurance Group (Bucyrus, OH), The Hartford (Hartford, Connecticut), and Progressive Insurance Companies (Mayfield Village, Ohio).

Standard Package Policies

No two businesses have the same insurance needs. Because of this, we are able to customize a package for you, tailoring each section with different options, limits, and payment plans.

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    We can find a market for virtually any class and type of business, for-profit and not-for-profit, from new start-ups to established companies.

    At the heart of a commercial package policy is the General Liability Section. In short, it covers you for bodily injury and property damage done to others in your normal course of business. Every business of every size needs to have this coverage. If you work out of your home, most likely your homeowner's policy has a very limited (if any) protection for any business exposure.

    Next we take a look at any locations that you need to insure on the Property Section. This includes offices, warehouses, and other facilities, but also includes the contents of each. We can cover these at different limits with different valuations, all together using a blanket endorsement, or even at an agreed value. There are many deductible and coverage options available.

    If you have any vehicles regularly used in your business, we can add them to the Commercial Auto Section. There are options for layups (in case you don't use a vehicle for a certain part of the year), deductibles, and any special equipment that is permanently installed.

    The Inland Marine Section can be used to cover a wide range of equipment, such as computers, tools, and machines, but is also there for special items such as an installation floater which covers building materials at a jobsite that haven't been installed yet.

    The Umbrella Section extends your limits on both your general and automotive liability, in increments of $1million. It is required that we also write those sections in order for you to be eligible.

Special Package Policies

We offer a wide array of packages that are already customized with coverage add-ons and options that are already configured for you.

Although there may be certain eligibility requirements, these throw in valuable coverages at a greatly reduced rate. Many classes of business can be written on what's known as a Business Owner's Policy, or BOP. Of the classes that aren't eligible for a BOP, some have their own package, such as contractors, churches, restaurants, golf courses and country clubs, truckers, municipalities, and high tech businesses.


Still there are many more options that can be added to your policy, and these are just a few examples.

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    Business Income

    can be added to replace lost earnings due to covered claim.

    Crime Coverage

    refers to theft of money, by or not by an employee, inside or outside of your business.

    Professional Coverage

    can be added for medical malpractice, errors & omissions, and directors & officers of your company.

    Liquor Liability

    is a must for any establishment with a liquor license.

    Employer's Liability

    also known as Stop Gap fills any holes that may be present in your Worker's Comp policy.

    Equipment Breakdown

    can cover your costs to fix your boilers, machinery, HVAC, and refrigeration equipment in the event of a power surge, for example.

    Employment Practices Liability

    can protect you against accusations of wrongful termination.

    Motor Truck Cargo

    covers your products during shipping.

    Flood and Earthquake

    are available to be added to your Property Section.


So many times you hear that a company is "bonded and insured". Can you say the same for your company?

Bonds are written on a case-by-case basis and in most cases are requested by another entity. Contact us to help you sort out the details and to keep you on the job.


Bridging the gap between personal and commercial policies, a farm package can be tailored to your needs.

We are proud to insure our many local farmers. Some are fully-functioning large-scale farms with many employees. Others have horse boarding operations or just a few acres for their hobby farm. Westfield's farm program gives us the flexibility to write a policy to cover all of the specialty outbuildings, liability exposures, and equipment that make your farm run.

Loss Control and Inspections

Although no one wants to have a claim, some businesses are simply better protected from having one in the first place.

We have access to loss control and inspection services that can come out to your business, in most cases for no charge, to examine your risk and level of exposure to potential claims. Please make sure to ask us about this important value-added service.

Certificates of Insurance

In essence a proof that you have insurance, these are very important documents.

In some cases, certificates can mean the difference between getting the job done or being sent home. When you contact us for a certificate, we process it right away and can either send, fax, or email it at your request. Make sure to ask us about "additional insured" or "waiver of subrogation" clauses.

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