Standard Package Policies

No two businesses have the same insurance needs. Because of this, we are able to customize a package for you, tailoring each section with different options, limits, and payment plans.

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    We can find a market for virtually any class and type of business, for-profit and not-for-profit, from new start-ups to established companies.

    At the heart of a commercial package policy is the General Liability Section. In short, it covers you for bodily injury and property damage done to others in your normal course of business. Every business of every size needs to have this coverage. If you work out of your home, most likely your homeowner's policy has a very limited (if any) protection for any business exposure.

    Next we take a look at any locations that you need to insure on the Property Section. This includes offices, warehouses, and other facilities, but also includes the contents of each. We can cover these at different limits with different valuations, all together using a blanket endorsement, or even at an agreed value. There are many deductible and coverage options available.

    If you have any vehicles regularly used in your business, we can add them to the Commercial Auto Section. There are options for layups (in case you don't use a vehicle for a certain part of the year), deductibles, and any special equipment that is permanently installed.

    The Inland Marine Section can be used to cover a wide range of equipment, such as computers, tools, and machines, but is also there for special items such as an installation floater which covers building materials at a jobsite that haven't been installed yet.

    The Umbrella Section extends your limits on both your general and automotive liability, in increments of $1million. It is required that we also write those sections in order for you to be eligible.